About My Art and Photography

I am a photographer and visual artist who lives and works in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S. Photography is my passion, my obsession and primarily a tool for my artistic expression. I explore making images through digital photo compositing, near-infrared photography and night photography. Although each of these genres is uniquely different, the common thread is imagery that is meant to take the viewer to an alternative world, tell a story and make the ordinary becomes visually extraordinary.

I challenge myself to explore the various facets of digital arts using photography as a base. I find that digital photo compositing allows me to make images that are surreal, imaginative and other worldly. The fun is in stretching my imagination by using multiple photos and layers, textures and a variety of software to make a whole new composition.

Using long exposures in my night photography work, I have explored urban areas near my home and rural environments surrounding my community.

Through near-infrared photography of people and landscapes, my intention is to make images that lay somewhere between the real and the surreal.

My work has been exhibited in cities in Nebraska, New York City, Los Angeles and in Lisbon, Portugal. Most images are available for sale as prints.