About My Art and Photography

I am primarily a self-taught photographer and visual artist living and working in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S. Photography is my passion, my obsession and a tool for my artistic expression. I explore making images through a variety of genres including landscape, portraiture and digital compositing. Although each of these genres is uniquely different, my goal is to tell a story, real or imagined.

Landscape photography is my therapy. It's way for me explore the natural enviornment, alleviate stress and open my mind to creative thinking. It allows me to focus on a specific time and place and enjoy the moment.

I challenge myself to learn the tools and technology to create digital art. I find that digital photo compositing allows me to make images that are surreal, imaginative and other worldly. The fun is in stretching my imagination by using multiple photos, layers, textures and a variety of software to tell a new story.

I have a masters degree in journalism and mass communications. I began my working life as a reporter and photographer for a newspaper. Although I have spent most of my career in the public sector as a public information officer and as a marketing communications professional, my love for photography is the driving force behind my creative work. Journalism is about telling a story. Art is about sharing and making a story.

Patricia Saldaña